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Hello Gorgeous

gorgeous pr started life 30 years ago as a central London agency, which moved to Brighton 15 years
ago, finally relocating to the leafy Sussex countryside. No, not for the peace and quiet – far from it; simply to make space for this fast-paced, ever developing and hugely successful agency’s needs.

gorgeous founder, Julie Bellinger-Gibb, has consummate specialist knowledge of the professional salon and publishing world. She initially worked as a consumer beauty journalist, moving on to edit a pan-European hair trade magazine. Her attraction to and affection for the salon industry led to Julie and her team of professionals to look after the PR and branding for a whole host of hairdressers, products, manufacturers, industry organisations and events.

As their PR, Gorgeous represents many of the best hairdressing brands around and currently lists UK clients from Gallagher & Horner in Glasgow to Clipso in the south. Their expertise in bringing out the best in people and firing their capabilities with encouraging guidance has secured masses of success and hundreds of award nominations for their delighted clients.

Many have been thrilled to give Gorgeous PR the big shout in their inevitable ensuing award-winning acceptance speeches. Think past British Hairdresser’s of the Year Mark Hill, Mark Leeson, British Hairdresser of the Year nominee Phil Smith and the late, great Umberto Giannini – just some of the industry legends to have saluted Gorgeous PR’s contribution to their achievement.

Skilled at taking someone from the first rung of the ladder to the top, Gorgeous excel at developing young talent, a classic example being the launch (to worldwide acclaim) of the Fellowship for British Hairdressing F.A.M.E. Team. And talking of talent – their unrivalled creative eye has attracted a coterie of professionals – photographers, makeup artists, fashion stylists, art directors, marketers and scribes who work collectively with Gorgeous to ensure a smooth, successful shoot which delivers an outstanding photographic collection.

Always thinking ahead, spotting an opportunity and determined to deliver the best for both hairdressers and the business they represent, Gorgeous PR have been cited as creative visionaries, excelling best when working on the potential of a new idea, a new product or a gifted young newcomer. Under their guidance, the object of their attention quickly morphs from unknown to recognised, heading straight for destination success.

“Julie has not only created a cool magazine for us, she has cemented my Presidency about change, making sure the young and talented get more exposure. She is a fantastic Publishing Editor and has proved that she is not ‘just a pr’ by directing many award winning shoots – which is astonishing.”

Errol Douglas MBE,
President of Fellowship for British Hairdressing 2013-2015

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Hello Gorgeous

We pride ourselves on adapting our services to our clients individual needs ... and if we can't help you – we know someone who can! There's only one requisite – you've gotta be gorgeous!
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